Lab-Lecture 1


This is not a handout for lecture purpose. This is not a formal handout. This handout is for students to refresh their memories about the topics that were covered in the lab.


  1. What is a computer (processing device which accepts input and produces output)?
  2. Usage of computers? What purpose?
  3. Why we use computers in our lives? Computer process data way faster than we do. Some calculation may take 200 years for one human being to do but computer can do it in 15 minutes
  4. Operating system.
  5. What is the task of an operating system
  6. What operating system we use in our labs
  7. Why we emphasize on Windowseasy to usewidely used everywhere
  8. Examples of other operating systemsUnix etc.
  9. Go to page 31.
  10. What is an Icon, task bar and quick launch button? Figure A-1
  11. Different shapes of pointer and the operation it does in every shape
  12. Start up menu. Figure A-4. Run the following command in run option from start button: c:\any folder name\file name.
  13. Different drives in a computerA (Usually a portable), C (Hard drive)
  14. Partition in drives can be created and named after any letter by the system admin
  15. Concept of folder. How data can be organized by creating folders. Example: If you have 5 classes this semester you can create five folders and keep your homework in each respective folder.
  16. How to create a folder
  17. Create a folder and some subfolders
  18. Open paint brush and draw a picture
  19. Save that picture in C drive in the folder you just created